Brian Allison, a Nashville-based Americana singer/songwriter, is the embodiment of musical heritage and heartfelt storytelling. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences including iconic artists like The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, and Brandi Carlile, Brian infuses his sound with the soul of America.

With a musical journey that began under the guidance of his father at a tender age, Brian's passion for performing and writing original music blossomed early. The passing of his father in 2012 served as a catalyst, propelling Brian into a focused pursuit of his musical dreams, honoring the shared passion they cherished.

Brian's discography boasts a debut album, "Back In the Middle," released in 2015, followed by the introspective EP, "Waiting On You," in 2017, and "For Now" in 2018, accompanied by a collection of evocative singles. This musical odyssey led him to the vibrant music scene of Nashville in 2021, where he relocated with his wife and four children, striving to amplify his craft and resonate with audiences.

Deep-rooted in Brian's veins, music is a familial legacy. From his grandfather Lynn Allison's presence in the Glen Miller Band and Army Airforce band, to his grandmother Gloria Van's melodious journey in big bands, the musical lineage is a profound influence. Brian's father, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, kindled a musical partnership, shaping years of shared performances and songwriting sessions.

Brian Allison's music is a testament to his heritage, a blend of heartfelt emotion, and a reflection of the American soul—a journey worth experiencing, painting musical landscapes of genuine connection and authentic storytelling.